Thursday, January 18, 2007


“Healer of God”

Fourth Among Equals, Raphael is the angel of healing, marksmanship, and the sun. A member of the Sefori, Raphael has been in constant competition with Gabrielle for centuries. Over the years, this had led to a mutual appreciation and quasi-sexual relationship. They both have respect for one another, although either would step upon the other with no contentions.
Is seen by most as a benevolent figure, but is in fact am Angel of Death, and often acts as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Holds the title Rakhamin among the Ten.

After Apollyon refused to follow Michael’s orders and kill any Olympian who had been involved with the First Coalition, Raphael was sent to deal with the renegade angel. After a brief battle, Raphael managed to dispose of both Apollyon and his lover Daphne.


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