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“Healer of God”

Fourth Among Equals, Raphael is the angel of healing, marksmanship, and the sun. A member of the Sefori, Raphael has been in constant competition with Gabrielle for centuries. Over the years, this had led to a mutual appreciation and quasi-sexual relationship. They both have respect for one another, although either would step upon the other with no contentions.
Is seen by most as a benevolent figure, but is in fact am Angel of Death, and often acts as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Holds the title Rakhamin among the Ten.

After Apollyon refused to follow Michael’s orders and kill any Olympian who had been involved with the First Coalition, Raphael was sent to deal with the renegade angel. After a brief battle, Raphael managed to dispose of both Apollyon and his lover Daphne.


“He Who Is As God”

Second Among Equals, He-Who-Sits-AT-God’s-Right-Hand, Leader of the Ten Sefori. Holds the title of Shekinah among the Ten. Chief of the Angels, and often acting Magistrate of Heaven, as Yahweh isn’t always the most sociable of dictators. Angel of Death. A great warrior, Michael is prophesized to slain the Adversary at the End Times.

As the chief administrative officer in Heaven, Michael took charge of Apollo’s defection to the Host. Later, it was Michael, along with Metatron, Gabrielle, and Raphael, who decided to order the former Olympian to assassinate members of the First Coalition, in order to prove his loyalty to the Host.


The greatest and most famous of all the oracles of ancient Greece, Tiresias was made the prophet to the gods, after his accidental death at the hands of Apollo.

It was during this time that he had a vision of what was to come, and the rise of organized Christianity. He attempted to warn Apollo of these events, but Apollo thought they were too outrageous to be true. After Apollo rejected his warning, Tiresias disappeared into the wilderness, and was never seen or heard from again.


A river nymph of Greece, Daphne was beloved of Apollo. However, their love was doomed the day Eros, in anger at Apollo, shot Daphne with an arrow that made her refuse all thoughts of love and passion. Angered that his daughter refused to marry anyone, let alone the sun god, Peneus transformed her into a laurel tree, which became sacred to Apollo.

Years later, as part of Apollo’s defection to the Host, the angels helped in restoring Daphne to her former self.

Daphne and Apollo lived happily for centuries, until Ohrmazda’s Coalition attacked the Host. Apollo refused to kill members of his own family who had been involved in the attack, and Raphael was sent to hunt the two lovers down. Daphne was brutally murdered by Raphael.


Once the proud Olympian sun god and healer, Apollo was compelled to defect to the Host when it became apparent that Olympus’ power was quickly falling to the rise of Christianity. He became Apollyon, the Great Destroyer at the End Times.

Centuries later, though, after Ohrmazda’s Coalition attacked the Gates of Heaven, Apollyon was called upon to assassinate members of his former pantheon who had been involved. Unable to complete this task, he and Daphne planned to go into hiding from the Host, but were stopped by Raphael.

The Host

Ever feel like there are too many characters in Pantheon to keep track of? Well, never fear! We’ve got the comprehensive who’s who for you right here.

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The Olympian Pantheon

Ever feel like there are too many characters in Pantheon to keep track of? Well, never fear! We’ve got the comprehensive who’s who for you right here.

Presenting the Olympian Pantheon!